Partnership with QuickLegal

Exciting news! Verio ID will enable QuickLegal to use verifiable credentials and other decentralized identity services in a variety of scenarios, such as onboarding new users as part of benefit programs, password-less authentication and secure messaging.
As common as that sounds, being able to connect with multiple partners without any API integration, connecting with people without exchanging any personal contact information and tailoring the service delivery to each user are anything but common features in the digital space that we are used to.
Congratulations QuickLegal for taking first steps on the path to digital trust and a big shoutout to InnovX / StartupsAlliance.EU for their effort to develop the startup ecosystem.
We are confident that Verio Me, our soon-to-be-released digital interaction app will be a game changer for companies and a very useful tool for people. Stay tuned for more updates!